In Fall of 2023, join the 4th…

24 Hours from Home Challenge

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How far from home could you get in 24 hours? No cars, no trains, no boats, no wheels, in fact, no transportation but your own legs. Where would you go? What would you plan? Could you make it the whole 24?

Now’s your chance to find out. In September 2023, the third ever 24 Hours from Home challenge begins…at your home.

Here is how it works. Sometime between 12pm Thursday, September 28th and 11:59pm Sunday, October 1st, a 3-and-a-half-day window of time, leave your place of residence and travel as far as you can from home, walking, jogging, ambling, running, sauntering, perambulating, sprinting or stumbling. At the end of 24 hours, whoever is furthest from home, as-the-crow-flies/straight line distance, will be declared the winner.

You may travel supported or unsupported, single or as a tandem, with gear or without, it’s totally up to you to plan and execute the challenge. There is no set route, only 360 degrees of possibilities, worldwide.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN: https://forms.gle/umFq1KAY3i9AafsF8


  • It’s required to have someone support you throughout the challenge, for tracking, support and pretty important – to pick you up at the end of 24 hours. You must arrange your transport home.
  • You must carry a phone and have it running our tracking app (Race Owl) the entire time. Your location must be able to be tracked from beginning to end.
  • At the end of 24 hours, or if you decide to stop, notify the 24HfH coordinator.
  • Your route must be able to be verified with distance traveled, route, and pace. Seriously, no wheels.
  • You may procure food, drink, gear, sustenance, spiritual and moral support by any means.
  • You can stop to rest, sleep, eat, drink, relax, or camp at any time, but the clock is ticking.
  • This is an adventure that will challenge you physically, strategically, geographically and intestinal fortitudinally. It is potentially dangerous and will reward those who smartly and strategically plan and execute their route. But don’t share your strategy with the other racers, this isn’t just about who can run the furthest.
  • Your 24 hour period of travel must take place between 12pm Thursday, September 28th and 11:59pm Sunday, October 1st. There are no pauses or stoppages during the challenge, the clock starts as soon as you leave your front door. And you must begin at your primary place of residence.
  • The winner will be the person or team that goes the furthest as the crow flies/straight line distance, but anyone who even steps out the door to compete will get mad street cred.

For more information, please contact markfingerhut@gmail.com

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